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While the Waldorf Astoria in Fajardo is beautiful, it was time to get off the property and explore the area.  As you’ll remember from part 1 of our PR adventure, the Mann was in charge of planning, so we set off for another surprise.  We arrived at El Pescador, a small, boutique restaurant across from a local beach.  They had just opened and we were the first customers.  Despite my best efforts to go with the flow, I was a little apprehensive… I have a rule to never eat at an empty restaurant.  But as soon as we sat down, people started flooding in and the place was full by the time we got our appetizers.  El Pescador is tiny, with maybe 10 tables in the open air space.  The owner’s mom had just cooked a soup and we were given a huge free tasting.  I don’t know what was in it, but it was amazing.  El Pescador doesn’t have a large menu, mainly because you chose from a tray of fish the owner just brought in from the local fisherman.  The chef then prepares it with a selection of sides.  Since we got there first, we got our pick of fish.  The later you arrive, the fewer your options.  We ordered a small red snapper which was served family style with a salad, rice and tostones.  We also had the mofongo which is a Puerto Rican dish of smashed fried plantain mixes with fish, meat or veggies.  It is AMAZING.  We were fully on island time, enjoying the setting sun and the sound of waves and chit chat.

The next day, we were off on another adventure.  The Mann had booked a sailing charter with Erin Go Bragh for a daytime snorkeling excursion to a secluded beach.

There were just about a half dozen of us on the boat: a family visiting the area from Germany, the captain, his assistant and us.  The moment our toes touched the inside of the boat we never without a drink, snack or entertainment.

We chatted with our new friends as we sailed out to the snorkeling spot and the captain started cooking lunch.  We dropped anchor, jumped in the water and swam around with the fishes and then to the shore of a beach we had all to ourselves.

Once back on the boat, the weather started to turn and we got stuck in a quick tropical downpour (extreme weather happens to us quite a bit on boats, now that I think about it).  But the sun came out quickly and we had a lovely sail back to the dock.

For our final night in Fajardo, we decided to check out a curbside restaurant near the hotel, La Estacion.  La Estacion is a converted gas station and auto shop that serves delicious things off of a huge outdoor grill.  It is surprisingly swanky for a former auto shop.  We drank tropical drinks, ate fish and shrimp and more mofungo out of hot stone bowls the rolled ourselves home and got ready for part 2 of our Puerto Rico adventure.

Photo courtesy of La Estacion

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